So, unless you quite literally live under a rock you will have seen pretty much all your favourite influencers getting whisked away to the Maldives for the launch of Benefit Cosmetics brand new mascara, BadGal BANG! As you may know I work for Benefit Cosmetics and have done for the past six months whilst living in Australia. Since the launch, I have been trained on the new mascara and have been wearing it everyday to work so I feel confident to share my honest opinion!

So, what’s so special about the mascara and most importantly does it actually work??

Features of BagGal BANG!

Benefit has been working on this mascara for over four years to find the perfect brush, the perfect formula and the perfect swipe! I have complied a short list of the innovation in this mascara and why it is actually industry-leading:

  • Breakthrough innovation using areoparticles, the lightest known material derived from space technology (ahh now you understand all the advertising)! This gravity-defying formula helps eyelashes stay up all day!
  • An upgrade from their original BadGal mascara, BagGal BANG! has a thinner and flexible brush allowing you to coat your lashes root to tip!
  • The brush also has 360 reach having 300 soft bristles- over 75 versions were rejected!!
  • The perfect swipe so you don’t have too much or too little mascara on the brush!
  • The mascara has both hard and soft wax so it doesn’t flake!
  • Universal testing with 94% saying instantly lifted lashes!
  • 36 hr wear!

But does it work?

Yes. Yes, it does. I honestly have the tiniest lashes EVER! I can honestly say this gives me the same results as I have had from LVL lash lifts in the past! Normally being a drugstore mascara buyer I can honestly say I would actually pay the more premium price for this mascara because it’s actually amazing!!

Issa hit with me, let me know your thoughts in the comments and share with others if you found helpful!