About Me


The development of this blog is long overdue to say the least. From the days when webcams were youtube-appropriate and Patricia Bright was blogging from her university dorm room, I have craved to be a part of this community, the blogosphere that is. I follow online influencers almost religiously and can honestly say my love for online content is the only hobby I have kept over the past decade.

Come 2018, I gave myself an ultimatum after years of saying ‘I’m going to start a blog when… [insert excuse here]’. I either start to create the online platform I have been longing to establish or I have to give up on this dream. The thought almost made me cry. So here I am, setting up a blog, YouTube and Instagram account shamelessly.

I’ll begin by introducing myself. My name is Amelia and I am a 21-year-old student from the UK currently studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia. The contents of my blog will include all things from posts about skincare to how to get ahead before the end of university. I also love sharing my experiences with issues surrounding mixed-race identity and friendships.

With all that said, welcome to ze blog, I’m over the moon to have ya here! x